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Luster the rainwing
• 8/15/2014

Ideas to make the Wiki more appealing.

Here's some suggestions I think we should consider:

  • Darken the background some.
  • Maybe spruce up the home page to make it more appealing.
  • Where it says "Freaky Fish Wiki" on the top left. Change the font to something strange or watery.

If you have any more suugestions,  post them here please. 

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Luster the rainwing
• 9/10/2014

Community message needs to be edited.

Yes, I agree Flarey :3

• 10/8/2014

Also.. Since Solar said something about characters.

I would think blog posts would be ideal instead of character pages. As you can do everything you do with a page with a blog. :3

*Revives le wiki*

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