Genre: Slasher Horror

Method: The ancient Aztecs assigned the Death Penalty for many crimes. Keeping pirsoners was inefficient, so they often beat, stoned, or otherwise murdered their criminals over an alter. The MaRiAcHi CuLt believes that they made contact with a higher power. This higher power gives them their- questionably- beautiful music, but in exchange, they have to offer dragon sacrifices. The victims didn't matter, so long as they weren't terminally ill, and they were sacrificed over an alter constructed of silvers, special woods, a special kind of cloth, and a special kind of stone. The MaRiAcHi CuLt found their victims from anyone who expressed their dislike of their music, and they were very generous of who fit the bill. They would slip the special stone in their pocket, follow them to their house later, and construct an alter out of household objects that fit the bill. Their murder method could alter from hanging to slashing to mauling, so long as fresh, healthy blood dripped on the alter.


  • Main character
  • Main character's deaf best friend (future victim)
  • MaRiAcHi CuLt (that look like this)

Twist: Through some technical specification, the MaRiAcHi CuLt realizes that the entire town is composed of the proper materials for their alters. They kill the whole town in a single attack, and fail to get themselves away.